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 Xi, who is general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and head of the Party's military commission, was unanimously elected president of the People's Republic of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission of the PRC at the fifth meeting of the First Plenary Session of the 13th National People's Congress on Saturday.

 The public oath of allegiance to the Constitution made by Xi and the other elected State leaders-a ceremony held for the first time in history-reinforced the leadership's dedication to fulfilling their duties for the good of the Party, the country and the people.

 Doolan will be using a specially designed wheelchair with mountain-bike wheels when the trails allow, but thinks he will mostly be on his hands with a friend holding his legs in a move he's dubbed "wheelbarrowing".

 Took a continuing studies course for provincial- and ministerial-level officials at the Central Party School (Mar-May 1997)

 China promises 'necessary response' to US tariffs as trade war fears grow - The Guardian

 这个庞大的区域一体化发展战略,从去年2月份就正式提出了,整体规划一直在紧锣密鼓地布局中 。当然了,最关心京津冀的还属这三个地方的岛友 。北京的岛友会关心接下来北京人口减少吗?天津的岛友会问,北京的这么多产业会顺利搬迁到天津?而河北近北京的岛友更关心房价可能会大涨吧 。





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